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Trailer Springs

Trailer Springs Harare Zimbabwe

Trailer Springs Harare Zimbabwe
Manufacturing, Supplying, Repairing and Retensioning of trailer Springs. Manufacturer of Semi trailer, Truck and trailer springs. A trailer leaf spring is one of those items on a vehicle that you never know you need until it breaks or wears down! We experience luxury of a smooth ride becasue of the brilliant invention of trailer leaf springs.

Manufacturing, Supplying, Replacing and Retensioning of Load Trailer Springs

We manufacture, supply, replace, repair and retension different types of trailer springs. We have experience with Load Springs, Henred, and BPW trailers.

Luggage, Arian, Compressor and Boat Trailer Springs
# Trailer Type Description
1. Luggage In the event you need brand new springs for your luggage trailer, we are able to manufacture based on the sample, replace them in the event they are broken or retension the springs if they are sagging or not able to withstand the load.
2. Arian If you are a Farmer with Arian Trailers you need not to worry because we can assist you.
3. Boat We manufacture all boat trailer springs of all types of boats.
4. Compressor If you are in mining and construction and your compressor need trailer springs we are able to manufacture from scratch based on sample size.

Trailer Springs Related Products


centre bolts oriental centre bolts

The center bolt assists in assembling, shipping and handling of the spring before it is placed on the vehicle and holds the spring together for assembly and help locate the spring onto the axle in the correct position.


u bolts Oriental U Bolts

Correctly tightened ubolts are what holds the springs firmly in place on the vehicle when driving and prevent serious damage to the suspension system or serious injury to the vehicle operator.


bushes Oriental suspension bushes

Bushings are cushions made of rubber. They are mounted on car suspension and steering joints to absorb road bumps, control the amount of movement in the joints and reduce noise and vibration.

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